After scoring over 600 runs the previous week and breaking all known Kilve records – the highest known Kilve score including a century by Jay Darrell (possibly the youngest ever Kilve player to score a ton), which was followed by the 2nd highest known score, Kilve’s 2nd XI were on a high as they boarded the minibus to Chard.

Skipper ‘Hippy’ Rock lost the toss and Kilve were put in to bat with Munro and Head opening. Munro soon re-discovered the form that had seen him score 90 at Ilminster. Head soon found his feet but after a promising score was bowled ‘through the gate’.

After 44 the previous week, Girling looked to continue his run of form but was bowled for 4 trying to launch the ball back to Kilve. With Munro tonking the leg spin of Burtischinger to Berlin, Rock scratched around at the other end until he placed a full toss neatly into the hands of mid-wicket for the long walk back after scoring 4.

Not to be outdone, Hammond too was bowled for 4, and had the umpire agreed with Blazey that a crotch-high bruise is sufficient evidence to turn down an lbw shout, Chris might had scored more, but that would have spoilt the geometry of the score book! He too was out for 4 (Theme running here!). Blazey, like Hancock earlier in the season will show you that bruise any time if you ask him nicely!

No guesses for what score Marchent (or Marchant) was out for.

Father James stopped the rot with a classy 9 before being bowled to bring Dom “Murphy” to the crease, who after a brief masterclass in how to show a ‘wide-open gate’ was bowled first ball.

James Jr. threatened to show the seniors how to bat but when Taylor Jr. was bowled for 0, James was stranded on guess what? Four. Somewhere in all of this clattering of wickets and opening of gates, Munro had blasted his way to a crucial 66 before being given out lbw.

An early tea was taken, but not before Kilve had taken the first crucial 2 wickets.

Kilve returned with fire and wickets in their bellies after the tea break with James Snr taking a wicket with the first ball, and Head soon found his golden arm, picking up two wickets as soon as he came on to bowl.

Girling then returned after his opening spell, and on a promise of chips for a five-for, picked up another two wickets!

S. Dix was proving to be something of an obstacle, surviving countless lbw shouts, and despite numerous lbw shouts, appeals for catches, attempted run-outs and stumpings, Kilve failed to take the final two wickets. Narrowly losing out on some crucial points they still gathered enough to move up to 3rd in the table and leave things interestingly poised for next weekend’s match at Taunton!